Rob Manfred, the commissioner of the Major League Baseball (MLB), has decided that Pete Rose will not be reinstated into the league.

Rose, the all-time hits leader of the league, met the commissioner in September and requested him to consider his case. After carefully weighing the pros and cons of the issue, Manfred decided that the ban imposed on Rose in 1989 will continue to remain valid and that Rose cannot be reinstated. Rose was banned from the league in 1989 for his failure to lead a “reconfigured life.”

Manfred said: “Mr. Rose’s public and private comments, including his initial admission in 2004, provide me with little confidence that he has a mature understanding of his wrongful conduct, that he has accepted responsibility for it, or that he understands the damage he has caused. I am also not convinced that he has avoided the type of conduct and associations that initially led to his placement on the permanently ineligible list.” In fact, Rose has continued to bet on sports.

In 1989, the MLB found that Rose had placed bets on baseball when he was with the Cincinnati Reds. Although Rose pleaded not guilty till 2004, he later admitted that he did place bets on baseball, but denied that he had bet against the Reds.

In 1992, he placed his first request for reinstatement. Manfred decided to consider the request and even met Rose, but ultimately ended up deciding that Rose cannot be reinstated. However, he said that Rose can be considered as a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

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