Former NFL Official Suggests Solutions to Officiating Issues

Scott Green, the former National Football League (NFL) official, says that the league is suspending and reassigning officials solely for publicity. While admitting that league officials have been making news for wrong reasons recently, he blamed the league’s misguided approach for rectifying the issue.

Green wrote: “The league is predictably handling the issue no differently than the others that characterize Commissioner Roger Goodell’s regime: arbitrary punishment of an individual for a fast public relations fix. It’s a reactive approach that may give some short-term satisfaction to one team’s fans, but it doesn’t address improvement.”

NFL Referees Arguing CallsNFL players have been saying that the NFL’s punishments are arbitrary from the past several years. According to Green, there are solutions to make league officials better. He says that Dean Blandino, the league’s officiating vice president, is earnest about improving officiating at the league, but he doesn’t have any experience officiating NFL games. In spite of this lack of experience, Blandino decides what makes up a catch and what doesn’t and so on. He watches key play videos from the NFL’s New York office and advises referees.

Green suggests that the league must invest some time in evaluating the administration of its officiating department. He says that the system should be strengthened for training and evaluation. He said: “And on the rare occasion that its prized command center can catch and correct a mistake of significance, I’m sure the men and women on the field supervising the organized chaos that is occurring on NFL game day would greatly appreciate a friendly call.”

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